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Itchy? These Worms Are Suddenly Breeding in People's Eyes and Scientists Are Baffled

December 18, 2019

A parasitic worm that was thought to only infect cows has started to infect humans, mating in our eyes. Scientists are baffled as to why the worm is suddenly causing disease in humans and warn that this could be an emerging trend.


According to the recent case report, a woman who spends her winters in California was trail-running in a regional park in 2018 when she rounded a corner and ran into a swarm of small flies. She recalled swatting the flies away and spitting them out of her mouth. The next month, she began to notice irritation in her right eye. She washed it with tap water and flushed out two moving adult worms. After a couple of doctor’s visits, and continued eye-washing with distilled water, two more worms were removed from her eye.


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