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A man went to the optometrist with something stuck in his eye. The doctor pulled out a tick.

Kentucky electrical worker Chris Prater douses himself in insect repellent every day to beat the bugs he encounters on the job.


But all his spraying couldn't spare him from a pernicious tick that found in the one spot he couldn't swat — his eyeball.



"You can't spray your eyes," he told CNN affiliate WYMT.


The teeny parasite fought its way into Prater's eye some time during a July tree-cutting job in Johnson County, he explained.

    Prater didn't originally think anything of the irritation before the diagnosis. It must've been the sawdust that got caught in his eyeball, he thought, and he could easily flush it out later.


    Flush he did, but the discomfort persisted. Prater begrudgingly saw an optometrist who broke the news — a deer tick had taken up residence in his cornea.


    Before Prater could wrap his head around it, the doctor numbed his eye and plucked the pest out with tweezers.


    The tick made a "little popping sound" as it was pulled out, he said.

    The doctor sent him off with antibiotics and a prescription for steroid eye drops. And Prater left with one less living thing sharing his body.


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