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Human night vision possible by injecting nanoparticles into eyes, researchers say

March 7, 2019

WASHINGTON (WJHL) - A recent study suggests that injecting nanoparticles into our eyes may allow us to see infrared light.

Researchers found that applying laboratory-made nanoparticles to the retinas of mice allowed them to see infrared light temporarily for about ten weeks.  

The injection contained rare earth metals that convert infrared light into visible light and proteins that bind with light-sensing cells inside the eye. 

Mice that received the injection were able to maneuver in the dark better than their counterparts that weren't injected. Also, when researchers shined an infrared light into the eyes of the mice that received the injection, their pupils constricted like they would for visible light.

According to the study, the mice showed no adverse health effects and maintained their normal vision as well. 

You can read more about the research on the National Institute of Health's website. 

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