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As Told By La Paire Optique

September 16, 2017


Online shopping has a number of conveniences, including not having to leave your home, finding what you need in only a few clicks, and getting great deals on your favorite brands. However, the internet should not be a go-to solution for all of your needs. For instance, purchasing prescription glasses online might seem like a brilliant idea, but it actually has a number of drawbacks.


According to La Paire Optique, Pittsford, NY’s top eyewear store, it is incredibly difficult to get a pair of prescription glasses to fit your unique face shape and size when you order online. Ill-fitting glasses are not only an annoyance, but they can also impact your vision acuity as well.


If you are currently in need of new prescription glasses, here are a few reasons why you should avoid shopping for them online and head to your local optician instead:

  • Choosing The Correct Lens Options Is Important: Without the lenses, your glasses are really pointless, and there are numerous lens decisions you will have to make before you complete your order. These include which material (polycarbonate, high-index, or plastic) is better suited for you, the level of UV protection needed, and whether or not to add anti-reflective coating. If you are unsure about the benefits of each and which ones are better suited for your vision, you could end up purchasing lenses that hinder your eyesight.


  • Purchasing Bifocals Can Be Tricky: If you require bifocal or progressive lenses, you might find it much harder to find online eyewear stores that actually provide them. Those that do tend to have you call them to discuss your needs, or they don’t differentiate between the different styles, which could leave you with a pair of lenses not suited for your vision.


  • Searching Can Take Forever: When you visit an optician, they will take your face measurements and help you choose from frames that will suit your shape and size. Having someone pick out frames for you and help you try them on can drastically cut down on the time it takes to pick out a new pair of eyeglasses. However, when you visit an online store, you basically are just scrolling through countless pairs of glasses and have to cross your fingers that when you come to a decision they look good on you.










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