July 27, 2019

Clinical trials of a pair of smartglasses designed to help legally blind people to see and read letters again are currently taking place in two cities in the United States. The “bionic eye” technology is made by a Paris-based biotech firm called Pixium Vision. It consi...

Kentucky electrical worker Chris Prater douses himself in insect repellent every day to beat the bugs he encounters on the job.

But all his spraying couldn't spare him from a pernicious tick that found in the one spot he couldn't swat — his eyeball.

"You can't...

You go through life and everything is so colorful and bright that you need sunglasses.

But as time goes on, everything gets a little darker. Then you can’t drive at night anymore.

That’s cataracts, and it’s affecting people at earlier ages. More than 90 percent of people...

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